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Lake Sandia

Lake Sandia was established in 1993 as a place to build a dream home on a rural plot of land with the services to match those of an urban lot.  This unique combination of nature and community has made Lake Sandia a very feasible alternative to city living.


Lake Sandia’s impressive beauty begins with its landscaped boulevard entrance and its gracing waterfall. Several landscaped cul-de-sacs (many with fountains), a private waterfront park, mature trees and decorative street lighting add to the elegance of Lake Sandia. 



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Waterfront Home Sites


The waters of Lake Sandia are a private chain of lakes for the homeowners and their guests. The lakes reach a depth of 11 feet and are stocked with walleye, hybrid blue gill, perch, and large-mouth bass, all of which provide for excellent recreational fishing.


Two wells maintain the lakes’ levels, clarity, and purity. Large culverts beneath the roadways connect each of the lakes making for easy canoe passage from one lake to the next.

During the winter, the frozen lakes are perfect for ice skating, hockey, and ice fishing while cross-country skiing is a favorite pastime along the DNR recreational trail, which borders the development.  In the summer, Lake Sandia provides for many activities including swimming, camping, basketball, horseshoes, baseball, soccer, tennis, and fishing.


Accompanying the subdivision is the five-acre Shawano County Park. The park has two volleyball courts, a tennis court, a soccer field, and a baseball diamond all located right in Lake Sandia. Playground equipment is also available for the younger neighbors.

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Lot Size

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Lake Depth

Lot Amenities


0.56 - 1.42 Ac

100 Ac  (14 Ac Water)

11 FT

Electric, Phone, Cable, Sewer, Natural Gas

Lake Sandia


Declaration (pdf)

Declaration for Lake Sandia.

Lot Price List (pdf)

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Subdivision Map (pdf)

Most lots are waterfront and landscaped with pine, spruce, and various hardwood trees. 


The Lake Sandia subdivision is the perfect location for us. We love the country views and the lakes with their assortment of fish and birds- yet we are closer to the high school, post office, gas station, shopping, the library and the like than we were when we lived near Highway 41. There’s a pleasant sense of community among the Lake Sandia neighbors, young and old, and the residents of Krakow too.

We love the home Rob and Eileen Ripley built for us. They had so many creative and constructive recommendations as we put together our dreams in a custom plan – and they made sure the final product was everything we’d hoped for. Attention to detail in every phase of the project is a watchword for Rob, all the way from the initial sitting of the house on the lot to take maximum advantage of the sun and the views, to the final finishing touches. The quality of his workmanship and that of his subcontractors was excellent. We sensed that they were working on this home as if it were theirs – and we hopped that they are as proud of the result as we are!

Paul and Nancy Heykes

We have been living in Lake Sandia for just over a month and just love it!  Our Mediterranean style home is everything we ever dreamed of, and more. We can go to any window and have a fabulous view: lakes, park, our courtyard or another beautiful house! Everyone in the development is so nice and we all look out for each other’s best interests.

Rob built our home and did so many things himself so they would be just right and extra special. I would recommend Ripley Realty and Development to my best friends and know they too would be very happy. Rob could and would build as gorgeous a home for them as he did for us. Maybe we are a bit prejudiced but check our home out for yourself and you’ll understand our enthusiasm.

Emil and Laverne Ripley

My husband and I had always planned on moving out of the city and into a rural community after our children were out of college.  It was by luck on a Sunday afternoon ride that we happened upon Lake Sandia. With the help of our builder Rob Ripley and his wife Eileen we are realizing our retirement dreams even before we retire. We have the house that we want on a vacation setting lot; a lake off our deck to enjoy swimming, fishing, and canoeing; a wooded walk out our back door and friendly neighbors to enjoy a campfire with at the park. Even the stars in the sky shine brighter over Lake Sandia. Every trip home after a day at work is a trip to our vacation home and a community we love.  How lucky we are to have taken that Sunday afternoon ride.

L. Augustine

We built our new home six months ago at Lake Sandia and have found living here to be everything we hoped for.  The Ripleys are very helpful and have developed a beautiful area with all the amenities.  It's quiet and peaceful, not too far from city life but just far enough.  The water access is perfect for canoeing, fishing, or paddling around.  The country sounds of the birds, frogs, and geese are very comforting and relaxing.  And what is so very important: at night you can really see the stars.  We highly recommend life at Lake Sandia.

Larry & Dawn Heckmann

Its unspoiled beauty and tranquility can not be taken for granted--where you can swim, fish, cross-country ski or snowmobile in your own backyard. 
You can't book a vacation here, but you can join the neighborhood!!!  We invite you to come and see what you're missing.  If paradise was on the map, you would find it located just a heartbeat north of Pulaski.

Todd and Luann Schmechel

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